Kyei Baffour: League suspension affecting players

Aikins Kyei Baffour

Liberty Professionals defender Aikins Kyei Baffour has revealed the extent to which players have been affected by the suspension of football in the country.

The player stated that, it has not been easy since the suspension of the game adding that it has affected their state of mind since they don’t know when the game will return.

According Aikins Kyei Baffour, it has affected their them financially since most of them rely on football to earn a living.

Speaking to in an interview, the stalwart defender pleaded on the Government and those in charge to speed up the process in resolving all the issues surrounding the suspension so football can return again.

“It has not been easy since the suspension, it has been a tough period for us as footballers. it is our job, that’s where we earn a living as professionals so we need get back to work” he said.

“it also does not help our development so we pleading on the government to put in place measures to ensure we come to playing again” he added.

Football in Ghana has been brought to a halt following the revelations of the Anas expose’, where several members of the football Association as well as referees were caught on camera receiving cash gifts.

The government of Ghana has taken steps to dissolve the Ghana Football Association which has led many in disarray over the return of the game.

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