Carl Lokko to sue Duke Micah over treacherous allegations

Carl Lokko to drag Duke Micah to court

Veteran boxing trainer Carl Lokko says he will drag Ghanaian boxer, Duke Micah, to court following a claim from the latter that he has been scheming with some unnamed individuals to swindle him of his fight earnings.

According to him, Duke Micah’s outburst on social media is baffling and lacks any real substance. “I am shocked at what this boy is saying.

“In the first place I am unsure he knows exactly what he is saying.

“When you say I have connived with people, why are you not putting out names of these people?

“Do I control money when it comes to Duke after his fight? No.

“Over here they don’t give money to someone, they give your cheque directly to you.

“All I can say is I have not done anything like what he is saying and there is no truth in this.

He however implied that Micah’s actions could have been triggered by his decision to severe ties with him over poor attitude some months back.

He believes suing Duke Micah, his former trainee, will bring clarity to the issues at hand.“I think I have to proceed with my Lawyers to take this matter up and deal with him so he can come out and prove these allegations

“I have been doing this boxing thing for a long time so why would I resort to such behavior now?

“It will be good for me to sue him so he can come down to prove this.

“It isn’t just him, his twin brother has also taken to social media to do the same”, he revealed to Citi Sports.

Lokko’s accomplishments include his work with Richard Commey, Fredrick Lawson and Micah, all of whom are on the cusp of a world titles

Micah is his latest success story. The former 2012 Olympian has won the Commonwealth title, the WBO Africa belt and is currently the WBC International bantamweight champion.


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