Lawyer Duah Adonteng: Normalization Committee member fumes after journo questions his lateness

Lawyer Duah Adonteng member of Normalization commmittee
A member of the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Lawyer Duah Adonteng reacted furiously after a journalist questioned why the gathering was asked to clap for him after he walked in late into a press conference on Wednesday.

The journalist Ekow Asmah queried why the spokesperson of the Normalisation Committee, Dan Kweku Yeboah had asked the gathering to clap for the legal practitioner on account of him being a lawyer.

“Let’s put our hands together for lawyer Duah Adonteng a member of the committee, he is a legal practitioner so he had to attend some meetings…,” Mr Yeboah said.

“Did you say we should clap for him for coming late or?” Mr Asmah queried during the QnA segment.

To which a furious Mr Adonteng replied: “You don’t know what you are talking about…

He added: ” I am not interested in this stupidity”.

Lawyer Adonteng is a member of the four-member Normalisation Committee appointed to manage football in Ghana following a corruption scandal.


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