Footballer banned for seven years for biting opponent’s nose

Footballer banned for biting opponent's nose
A German minor league player who bit off part of an opponent’s nose has been banned for seven years.

The SV Preussen Eiberg player bit the opponent during a Kreisliga B game between Eiberg and ESG 99/06 II.

Neither the offender nor the victim can be named because of German privacy laws.

On Tuesday, the local sports court in Essen banned him for seven years, two of them suspended, a spokesperson for the regional FA told Rheinische Post on Wednesday.


The ban is one year less than the maximum that can be applied under regional association rules.

The 40-year-old player, charged with actual bodily harm by Essen police, was ordered to make a charitable contribution of €500 and must cover legal costs of up to €100.

He told the court that he regretted the incident, but “kept repeating that he did not make an active biting movement,” the spokesperson said.

The victim spent three days in hospital and “is doing reasonably OK,” he added.


Last week, Eiberg coach Thomas Cichon told ESPN FC that “everybody must get a second chance,” and said the player would not be dropped but sanctioned.

Eiberg have yet to say whether the player will remain with the club or be expelled.

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