A list of Top ten funniest names in World football game

Top 10 funniest names in World football

It is not cool and clever to laugh at foreign names but some names we hear and see during football games are very funny.

Sometimes you just can’t go like “oh okay” and go blind to some of the names but rather burst into laughter.

We’ve compiled a list a list of Top 10 funniest names in football, who would be guaranteed to raise your spirits if they played for your team.

First on our list for the Top 10 funniest names in football is:

1. Doctor Khumalo

Hold on, He is not a doctor but rather a South African midfielder. Iguess his parents want him to be a Doctor.

2. Limited Chikafa

Given the name bestowed upon him, is it any wonder that the Zimbabwean forward failed to live up to his potential?

3. Danger Fourpence

He is a Zimbabwean defender who plays for Kiglon Bird FC

4. Fabian Assman

Fabian Assman is an Argentina goalkeeper who plays for Independiente in the Primera División in Argentina.

5. Argelico Fucks

Fucks played from 1992 to 2007 with 10 different teams across the world.

6. Daniel Killer

Who will have the guts to come close to a defender carrying the name Killer.

6. Danny Drinkwater

Who will need water when you already have Drinkwater around.

7. Felix Brilliant

When you’re compiling a list of brilliant footballer names it’s difficult to ignore the Canadian midfielder Felix Brilliant.

8. Orlando Trustfull

In history i believe this player was the best trusted footballer to have ever graced the game. He has too much truth in him.

9. Danger Fourpence

I can’t believe a team once combined these two names together Danger Fourpence and Limited Chikafa.

10. Have-A-Look Dube

I believe you will all agree with us that this Zimbabwean footballers name should be crowned the winner among all the names we have listed.

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