Cameroon’s Ligues 1 and 2 games begin after delay

Cameroon’s Ligues 1 and 2 have begun with a full programme of matches a week after clubs boycotted the opening weekend of fixtures.

The ligues games went ahead after the Syndicate of Elite Clubs (SYCEC) reached an agreement with the head of Cameroon’s Professional Football League (LFPC), Pierre Semengue.

Club officials will now meet with Semengue later this month to further discuss their concerns.

The clubs were unhappy with a lack of communication from the league concerning fixtures and finances.

Yong Sports Academy overpowered 2018 Cup of Cameroon winners Eding Sports of Lekie 1-0 in the opening match of Ligue 1 and it was the same score in Ligue 2 as Canon Sportive beat Panthere du Nde.

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