American Sprinter Christian Coleman Is World Fastest

American Sprinter Christian Coleman Is World Fastest

When they say the 100m is the most exciting race of Track and Field they are absolutely right. Tension, passion, talent, speed and glory. Everything in 9.76 sec as Christian Coleman set is time to be crowned as the fastest man of the world in Doha at the IAAF Athletics World Championships.

The World lead (WL) was 9.81 sec for the 23-year-old American sprinter that beat himself tonight with 9.76, though his personal best is 9.74.

Justin Gatlin (silver medalist)
“Despite my age (37), my aim is to give verthing to the sport and this depends on my mental attitude. This is one of the first times that I have had so much time between the semis and the finals – 3 hours – but I tried to stay calm and warm up at the same time and it was bit weird. But it was better than having just 30 minutes between the races. I think we have displayed a great show anad the audience enjoyed it. From what I can see the light show was amazing because I was just focused on grabbing the medal and this is what I’ve done. I realized what was happening because of the crowd’s reaction. And since the crowd loved it, I love it too.”

Andre De Grasse (bronze medalist)
“My daughter of 15months old was enjoying so much her first world championships and it was a pleasure to have her in my arms. I did better in the final because in the semis I wasn’t so good. I am proud of the bronze medal. I just tried to stay positive throughout the competition and I’m glad for the medal.

I wasn’t aware of what was going on with the camera but I tried to stay focus and I think it’s a kind of a new technology. I tried not to look at the cameras because I could get distracted, so I focused on my strategy.”

Final ranking
Christian Coleman (USA) 9.76
Justin Gatlin (USA) 9.89
Andre De Grasse (CAN) 9.90
Akani Simbine (RSA) 9.93
Johan Blake (JAM) 9.97
Zharnel Hughes (GBR) 10.03
Filippo Tortu (ITA) 10.07
Aaron Brown (CAN) 10.08

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