CAF Disciplinary Board Decisions

The CAF Disciplinary Board delivered a verdict on the following cases:

Al Ittihad FC Official Mr Mahmoud Abouda: *

Al Ittihad President Mr Mahmoud Abouda was charged with bringing for misconduct and bringing CAF in disrepute after he allegedly leveled allegations and use vulgar language against match officials in their TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup against Ahli Tripoli on 23 April 2022.

The Disciplinary Board found Mr Abouda guilty and imposed a six months suspension on him from all football activities related to CAF.

The Disciplinary Board further imposed a USD 10 000 fine on Mr Abouda

Wydad AC (Morocco) vs CR Belouizdad (Algeria) played on April 24, 2022 – TotalEnergies Champions League 2022

Wydad AC was charged with misconduct after their supporters invaded the pitch to celebrate and threw objects their match against CR Belouizdad.

The CAF Disciplinary Board decided:

  • To impose a fine of USD 8,000 Upon Wydad AC for the throwing of bottles by their supporters
  • To impose a fine of 10,000 USD on the club for invading the field and for failure to comply to the security measures
  • To impose a reduction in the number of spectators at the Mohammed V Stadium for a maximum of 30,000 people during the semi-final for failure to comply and implement existing security rules.
  • In the event of non-compliance with this instruction, the disciplinary board will automatically impose the behind closed doors sanction for the next two Wydad home games.

Raja CA (Morocco) vs. Al Ahly SC (Egypt) played on April 21, 2022 – 2022 TotalEnergies Champions League.

Raja CA was charged with misconduct after its supporters threw objects on the field and used smoke bombs, firecrackers and lasers in their match against Al Ahly SC.

In addition, the capacity of the stadium was greatly exceeded.

In view of the above, the CAF Disciplinary Board decided to impose on Raja CA a sanction of two matches behind closed doors for their next CAF interclub matches.

The Board also imposes a fine of USD 24,000 Upon RAJA CA for the use of smoke, bombs, lasers, and bottle throwing; as well as a USD 20, 000 fine to RAJA CA for failing to provide the necessary existing security measures.

Ahli Tripoli FC

Ahli Tripoli were charged with breaching CAF Regulations in their TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup against Al Itihhad on 23 April 2022 after they allowed 150 supporters without obtaining approval from CAF.

It was also alleged that the supporters used flares and smoke bombs during the game.

The Disciplinary Board found Ahli Tripoli guilty and decided to impose:

  • A fine of USD 10 000 to Ahli Tripoli for allowing spectators to access the stadium without approval from CAF.
  • A fine of USD 8 000 for unsporting behavior of their supporters for the usage of flares and smoke bombs.

E.S Setif (Algeria) vs. E.S.T (Tunisia) played on April 15, 2022. TotalEnergies Champions League.

ES Setif was charged with misconduct after their supporters used smoke bombs, fireworks and lasers during their match against Esperance de Tunis.

The CAF Disciplinary Board has decided to impose a fine of USD 16,000 on ES Sétif for the use of smoke bombs and fireworks and a fine of 8,000 USD to the club for the use of the laser towards officials and players.

The Disciplinary Board also found Esperance guilty of using smoke bombs and the club has been ordered to pay a fine of USD 8,000.

RS Berkane (MAR) vs Al Masry (EGY) played on April 23, 2022 – TotalEnergies Confederation Cup 2022.

The Disciplinary Board charged Al Masry of misconduct after their officials and players displayed unsporting behaviour at the end of the match.

CAF Disciplinary Board decided:

– To suspend players Farid Shawky Ali Elmarghany and Mohamed Abdelatif Ahmed for their next four (4) CAF interclubs matches and impose a financial sanction of USD 10.000 on each player for unacceptable and abusive language towards the referee.

– Suspend club official Mejdi Traoui for four (4) CAF interclubs matches and impose a financial sanction of USD 10.000 on him for shoving a stadium security member and misconduct.

– Suspend club official Mahmoud Gaber for a period of six (6) months from all football activities related to CAF for slapping the referee and the second assistant referee. The Board also decided to impose upon him a financial sanction of 10.000 USD (Ten thousand dollars).

RS Berkane was also charged with misconduct after their spectators used lasers, smoke bombs and threw water bottles on the pitch.

The Disciplinary Board found them guilty and imposed fine of USD 16,000 USD


Source: CAF

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