Italy’s Tommaso Marini and Germany’s Anne Sauer won gold medals in individual men’s and women’s foil at the Belgrade Foil World Cups, with Italy and France winning the team competitions. The event took place at the City’s Belexpocentar, with 213 men and 168 women participating in the competitions. In individual […]

France’s Nelson Lopez Pourtier won the individual gold medal in men’s epee at the Challenge Monal in Paris, and Hungary won the men’s team gold. The event took place at the City’s Stade Pierre de Coubertin, with 282 individual fencers and 39 teams participating in the competition. In individual men’s […]

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Writing Best Colour Piece category.The shortlist represents the second judging stage and is based on the most selected works performed by the AIPS Executive Committee members.    Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country. […]

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